Thursday, August 14, 2014

It's the little things

Who needs New Year's to make some goals? Not me, apparently.

A LOT has happened over the past year, and I finally feel like I'm "coming together" with my family, my house, and myself. I'm sure all of that will be turned upside down in a few months when baby#2 comes along. For now, I'm making some goals to help me be a better person. Basically a list of things I never regret doing.

Personal/Spiritual/Physical/Mental Health:

Bible/devotion time daily. This time has recently been moved to the evening before bed. At that time I feel no pressure to get anything else done, and can enjoy reading/praying before sleep. It's also a great time to "cast all my cares upon Him."

Get ready every day. This means get dressed, fix my hair (even if it's just a ponytail), and put on some makeup. I feel a lot better about myself if I look somewhat put together.

Exercise daily. Not exactly sure how to do this one yet. I can do some exercising with Adara, but I'd like to carve out some time for just me to workout without distractions. I have a yoga dvd that's good but I'm not super-loving it. I have an elliptical and a great neighborhood for going on walks. So I'm still working the kinks out here. Definitely worth it, though, because I always feel better when I exercise.

Shower every night before bed. Better sleep and personal cleanliness.

House Health:

Clean both bathrooms at least once a week.

Sweep all floors (we have no carpet) at least 2 times per week, and swiffer nightly.

Pick up house (toys, books, kitchen, etc) at the end of every day.

Family Health:

Get some work done for money throughout the week (this opportunity pretty much fell into my lap, but now it's one more thing to check off my list and feel good about).

Make and finish a craft/fun food item with Adara at least a couple times a week. Great way to try to new things with her!

Make enough healthy, tasty Paleo/Primal food with no eggs/soy,
AND stay within the weekly budget. I did this for the first time in a long time last week, and I felt VERY accomplished.

So what are some of y'all's favorite exercises? Any other Paleo people out there with recipe suggestions?

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