Sunday, April 24, 2011

getting back on track.

Since Alex and I ate enough sugar today for the whole week, so we're going to not eat sugar the rest of the week. I have actually made a meal plan for this week, which involves yummy food, but not "make us feel sick" food.

I think THIS is a link to see what my meals will be like this week.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Last night I made steak for the first time since being married. I guess I cut up steak strips, but that is definitely not the same. I first marinated it in bbq sauce and steak seasoning. Later, I "pan seared" it, and then put it in the oven for about five minutes before it was done. Meanwhile, I sauteed mushrooms and onions in olive oil and some more steak seasoning. I also microwaved-steamed some broccoli to go with it. Alex decided the broccoli needed cheese.

Unfortunately, I have no picture of this meal, due to the fact that we were both very hungry. We gobbled it up before I thought about taking a picture.

Great first try :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

wanting to craft

another post.

Just thoughts again. I've been browsing etsy on my laptop while at a friend's house. Looking at the creativity of others is truly inspiring. I want to try some of what they do, but I don't want to start spending a lot of money. I could probably keep playing with what I have, but I'm starting to get bored, since I haven't bought anything new. Of course, I haven't actually made anything creative since Christmas present earrings for sisters-in-law.

I think I'm going to start yard-saleing or something. I don't really want to buy all new things from a place like Hobby Lobby. I wish I could get a bunch of leftovers from other people and just have fun playing with it. I don't really have my own inspiration, but I like to see what works with what other people have.

That's why I'm in social work/case management. I look at where people are in their life, and help them make the most of their situation.

That being said, if anyone still reads this and wants to get rid of anything crafty-like, please let me know. Also, if you know of good deals, please send me details.


Today I had fun baking with my sister-in-law. We often have another couple over for dinner, video games, movies, etc.

During the week we pretty much work, eat dinner, watch tv, clean up, and go to sleep. I like keeping it pretty simple (and I like getting sleep), but sometimes I miss the business of life and spending time with people.

I LOVE my wonderful husband. I am so glad to be married and to have him with me. I am his priority, no question. He's fun to hang out with.

Sometimes, though, I miss going places with different friends. I don't see people very often, and I'm kind of sad about that.

Just musings as of late.