Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Naming our Baby Boy

We've known the name for months now, but I hesitated posting it all over the internet. We've shared it with family, friends, and in our Christmas card. I've decided to blog about it to commemorate picking his name, and the meaning behind it.

Augustus Galen. We are calling him August. "Augustus" means "great" and "Galen" means "calm". We thought "great calm" was a perfect name for our second child. We love the history behind the name "Augustus," and I think it is aptly paired with his "Galen". We found his middle name by looking for "G" names online, so that baby August and his sister Adara could have the same initials.

"Great Calm" is also how I feel about this pregnancy. It hasn't always been this way, and I'm sure there will be bouts of anxiety and over-excitement in the future, but right now I feel perfectly at peace. I know he will come when he is ready, I feel adequately prepared for his arrival. I know that I am surrounded by people who love and support us, and I know that Adara is over-the-moon excited to meet "baby August".

God has prepared us for this second bundle of joy. He continually shows us how he provides for us abundantly more than we deserve. This season of Advent-waiting-has never seemed more true for me this year.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving parts one and two

Such a fun, family-filled day:) I'm snuggling with Adara, so this post is mostly photos:
Part one at my house
Part two at my grandparents' house
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving eve: Moving up and out

Well, nesting has started for sure! I've wanted to move the changing table out of Adara's room so we can use it in our room for our newborn (Adara isn't potty trained yet, but she's easy to change without a table). I finally cleaned up and organized her room and took out a set of plastic drawers and the changing table. Her room looks so much bigger!

We have a really big master bedroom, so finding a place to put the changing table was no problem. I also am using some of Adara's drawers for baby boy stuff. Adara doesn't need it right now, and I don't have to buy new drawers. I'm sure our infant won't care that his boy clothes are in pink drawers.

I also adjusted Adara's carseat. Thanks to my infant CPR and carseat safety class, I now know that a forward facing carseat needs straps at or above the toddler's shoulders. Doing so meant taking out the booster's insert-another reminder of how fast Adara is growing! ps-I adjusted the headrest back after taking this photo. Adara's quote: "I'm SO safe!" She will be now that I know her carseat is fit for her.

I'm so thankful I was able to get some baby-related tasks accomplished! I can now focus on other things-like making sure I'm prepared for Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Countdown to thanksgiving:day 25-in case of emergency

I packed a "just in case" bag for the hospital today! I wasn't planning on it; I was looking for something to wear on Thanksgiving and instead found clothes that I know I'll need at the hospital. I'm thankful to have it somewhat ready!

Here's what I put in my bag:
-Warm button up pajama top and pants
-another pair of loose pajama pants
-a few shirts that are soft and stretchy so I can nurse in them
-a pair of leggings in case I get tired of pajama pants
-three pairs of socks
-three sleep/stretchy nursing bras and undies
-one zip up hoodie
For the baby:
-two sleepers
-a onesie and socks
-birth plan
For Alex:
-one complete outfit. If he needs more he can go home since we live really close to the hospital 

I'm sure I'll think of other things along the way, but the hospital provides a lot so if I needed to go at anytime, I think I'll be fine with what I've packed. 

Feel free to leave suggestions. I'll be prepping over the next six weeks!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Countdown to thanksgiving: day 24-my home

Today I am especially thankful for my home:a place that is the perfect size for our family, and a relatively relaxed environment. I try to make it a safe and enjoyable place to be, and it usually is. I'm thankful  we live in a good, safe neighborhood.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Countdown to Thanksgiving: day 23-Pinterest food

Pinterest usually causes me to feel inadequate and starving, so I have to choose when I use the site. However, I love how easy it to save ideas and reference them later. Today I made a modified version of sweet potato pie that I pinned to try at some point. It looks pretty AND it was yummy! I made two of them with only one package of frozen peas and one lb of ground beef! And we have plenty of leftovers!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Countdown to Thanksgiving: day 22-infant CPR class

Today I went to a free infant CPR class at Maury Regional. I WISH I had gone when I was pregnant with Adara! I'm not sure why I didn't. Not only did they give us an infant model on which to practice and bring home, but we also received some really good car seat safety information. I'm so thankful that the hospital offers this class! I feel much more prepared in case of an emergency.