Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another process in this food journey

So I am realizing in my "food adventure" that I have certain triggers that cause me to feel like I just have to keep eating and eating. Some of it is feeling bored, procrastinating, feeling sad, or entitled to chocolate. I also have noticed that certain higher carb foods make me want to eat more. Even eating larabars, apples or bananas drive me to more high carb foods. The days that I eat mainly meat and veggies during the day, the less I crave sugary foods. Another trigger is any kind of artificial sweetener. I used to be good about staying away from them, but I've recently been drinking a lot of diet drinks, and splenda sweeteners. I have definitely not been eating as well. It's already showing up on me.

So next plan: no more sweeteners, and higher carb things should be saved for later in the day.

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