Saturday, March 5, 2011

"I have a job now"

First: I am really enjoying my job. I know that I'm still just getting started, but it's perfect for me right now. I also like that my house is close enough to go home for lunch. I've gone grocery shopping on my lunch break :)

Second: I love being married to Alex. He's so wonderful and supportive, and innovative. We have so many fun ideas that we want to try together. So many "little adventures" like trying  new foods, thinking of places to visit, ways to fix up the house if we decide to, and on and on. We played SuperMario on the Wii together...good times. 

Third: I have been able to start hanging out with people around Columbia more often, and it's been great. These people are caring I enjoy spending time with them. Steven and Callie have been able to come over the past couple of Sundays too.

That's all for now. I made yummy "primal pancakes" this morning. There's one left. I think I will go eat it.

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