Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thoughts on Magic

I grew up on fairy tales/Disney/Cinderella stuff, and so when I read Harry Potter, I converted it in my mind to an older fairy tale. I think that's how I started thinking about the Twilight movies too. When I first read the article, it reminded me to two things: First, that it was a lot like how Alex talked about growing up and not being allowed to watch anything with magic in it. I thought it was kind of extreme, but I'm not so passionate about the movies that it was a big enough deal for me to passionately argue about it. I learned through these conversations that I am emotionally attached to some movies because of my childhood memories.

Second, it reminded me of when my brother and I used to play with pogs and watch the Pokemon and Digimon shows, and my friends' parents said that they were demon shows and integrated eastern religion. I'm not saying they were wrong, but again I thought it was rather extreme for a cartoon TV show.

I saw these both as extreme, because my parents were extreme in my mind, compared to many of my friends. My dad screened everything we watched for most of my childhood, and explained why he let us watch what we did. He explained the themes in some of the movies and shows, and even pointed out the Biblical truths in some of them. The reason why I stopped reading Harry Potter was because my mom told me that there are better things to read out there. Not that the books were absolutely terrible, but that there are so many better things to read.

This is true.

I realize that we are in spiritual warfare, and I should be reading and watching things that will make me more like my Savior, rather than closer to the enemy. While reading “Crazy Love” I read a section where a woman said “I’m just not sure this is what I want to be doing when Jesus comes back.” Putting it in that perspective, I’m not sure I want to be reading something that does not point towards Jesus when He comes back. But also, the Holy Spirit is with me now, guiding me. Realizing His ever-presence helps me think carefully about the media I chose.

There are much better, God glorifying things that I could be doing with the time He’s given me.


  1. What's the article you reference? I'd like to read it!

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