Monday, June 24, 2013

Half-way into 2013: A Review of the Past Six Months

Here's my original post about goals for the upcoming year. Some we are doing great, others not so much. Since it's six months later, it seems appropriate to re-evaluate where we are, and adjust goals.

1. Bible time first thing. For this most part, this is still consistent. Sometimes I do clean up the kitchen or get Alex's lunch ready first, but I do try to get it done early in the morning. It helps that we try to get the house pretty clean the night before, and the rest can wait until I've read my devotional. I subscribe to Tabletalk Devotions with R.C. Sproul, from, so I read that every morning.

2. Get reading! I haven't proactive to reach the goal of twelve books by the end of the year, and I have no good excuse. I have a Kindle, and now I have the Reader on my iPhone. I did read more consistently in February and March, and then I kind of forgot about it. I have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and some other games on my phone, which started to monopolize my "nap with Adara" time. I've recently come back to books, and I feel like I'm actually doing something productive.

3. Food and Physical Activity-we are actually doing the best we've ever done in this part of our life! We are eating a mostly Paleo diet, and loving it! Mostly meaning: we don't eat grains, legumes, sugar, etc, and eat a lot of meat, veggies, and some fruits and nuts. I get as much as I can at the farmer's market, but we don't eat organic meat. We've recently cut waaayyyy back on fruit, so that we can optimize nutrition and physique before we go to the beach in a couple of weeks ;) We do the Ab Ripper X part of P90X ever other day, and I've started going on walks with Adara in our neighborhood.

The results so far: Alex has lost 40 lbs and went from a size 38/40 to a size 32 or 34 (depending on the brand). I am the smallest I've been since probably my sophomore year of high school. I actually thought it wasn't possible for me to be this small-and I eat a lot of food! I easily eat the same as Alex, and sometimes more! Paleo+breastfeeding for the win!

We're also nicer people when we aren't having sugar highs and crashes.

4. Hospitality: I've not done so great one this one. I definitely plan enough for us, and sometimes a little extra, but we've had to run to the store for extra food if we have people over. I'm getting better at it! I am learning what kinds of paleo type foods are cheap and easy to make in larger quantities. Alex says I'm doing great :)

5. Budget. We've not been great at this one, but I'm not worried about it. At the beginning of the year, we weren't planning to buy a house. So we are not on track by any means. We're also going on vacation, but we're staying with family and not doing much that costs extra.

Losing weight and inches also hasn't helped our budget, because we're needing new clothes. *Sigh* guess we'll just HAVE to go shopping.....

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