Thursday, May 30, 2013

First: Road trip (Kentucky)

Today is the first time Adara has been out of Tennessee! Here's how the day progressed:

I met my mom at Whole Foods fairly early in the morning. She rode in the back next to Adara. She fed Adara some food I'd brought: a mixture of bananas, strawberries, and coconut milk. Adara loved it, and we avoided fussing.

We stopped by my Aunt Lori's to drop something off, and then went to my grandparents house about 45 minutes north of Nashville.My grandpa got to see a happy baby before leaving the house, and I nursed Adara before got on the road again.

We met my Aunt Lori at Belk close by, and then headed north. Adara was happy to see people around her, and of course they were happy to see her too. My mom read Adara some books, and sang to her.

We drove just over the Kentucky boarder to a small Amish store. They had a lot for such a small store! I bought aluminum free baking powder, sea salt, cocoa, banana chips, and a small amount of sorghum.  My family checked out my stuff for me while I again fed Adara in the car.

We all got back in my Escape and drove down to a restaurant in a school basement/cafeteria. The school also had a beauty salon, and a small museum, among other things. Adara started to get fussy. I changed Adara's diaper in an obscure corner, and she was a little happier. We tried a high chair while waiting for our food, and that was not happening. I finally figured out she was hungry again, and she fell asleep nursing in my lap. Thankfully my aunt cut up my chicken for me so that I could eat it. Adara woke up shortly before we left. We did remember to get pictures outside after lunch:

We headed south again, and Adara was pretty content! We dropped my aunt of and then my grandma. We drove over to see my Aunt Lana and her new house-she has the best view! Adara enjoyed getting out of the car again. She was less excited about getting back in.

We headed south again, and my mom shared some chocolate covered espresso beans with me to help keep me alert and awake. Yum. We made it back to Whole Foods, where we bought a small amount of food and then parted ways. Adara and I were home by 4:25pm, and it wasn't until 4:20pm that Adara started fussing! I was concerned about driving so far today, but she was fantastic! I'm so excited that she did this well! 

We're planning to drive down to the beach later this summer to visit Alex's grandma, and this was my test run to see how well she would do for a long car ride. I feel encouraged after today!

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