Sunday, October 24, 2010


Whew. That's how you spell that expression, right?

Talk about a change in eating and planning. Afraid of an oncoming heart attack and finding that our current habits are not yielding positive results, Alex and I decided it is time for a change. His family is currently trying Weight Watcher, and he brought home a POINTS counter.

After some confusing attempts to find easy recipes and calculate POINTS without actually being a member, I decided to re-visit and old friend to give some perspective: Sparkpeople.

I started a new account, put in my current height, weight, and future goals. They figured out how much I should be eating every day. I decided against the somewhat confusing pre-made meal plans, and opted for putting in my own. I also helped Alex start his own so that he can track what he eats as well. I also discovered that there is a Sparkpeople recipe site.

This is a fantastic help! Much like, I can enter an ingredient, and up come recipes. The great this is that I can add it to my meal plans on my sparkpeople account, therefore creating a meal plan as I keep myself accountable with calories. I can also enter a recipe and it will figure out the nutritional information for me. I can then enter this information into my account as well.

Yesterday I started, and I ate almost 1,000 calories at breakfast alone!

Today was a much better start :)

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