Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday morning

GROCERY SHOPPING in the morning really is the most non-stressful way to go. Going at 11pm at night might rival, but the stores and much less stressful when few people are present. Granted, 24-hr Kroger is a bit more pricey with some items (like peanut butter), but I have decided that it is worth avoiding walmart and multiple store trips. Gotta keep my eyes open for the sales and coupons. Last week Tyson chicken strips were on sale AND I had coupons, so I bought a bunch. I was going to buy more with another coupon, but they are really pricy when they aren't on sale. The chicken nuggets are cheaper, so we're going to eat animal-shaped chicken sometime this week :) Relive the happy meal.

Not so low-carb or gluten-free eating as of late. It's so much easier for me to have frozen meals, or add rice to a meal. Still trying to be healthy, but sandwiches have made a comeback in our diet. And hamburger buns. And potato fries.

Last night I decided this is how to be healthy: get a job that requires movement, be busy when not at work, and bring almost not enough food for dinner while at work. This was my yesterday, and I slept much better. Not so much movement today, but I am bound and determined to still eat well and not so much.

ANTM watching this morning, and my favorite person got best picture again!!!!! and one of my least fave people went home. Good day so far.

Also half unsweet and half sweet tea from Mickey D's. Yum

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