Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Savoring time

This is my last week before I start working full time. This is my last week (well, really only a half of a week now) to chill at the house, take my time getting ready, watch TV and let the clothes pile up because I still have time to fold them.

The past two nights Alex and I have gone to karate and then had people over. I loved it-great learning, workout, and time together with friends. I've loved it. I won't get to go to karate next week because I'll be in Nashville training.

I'm trying to think of what I would like to get done before a lot of my time is dedicated to work. Folding laundry is always an admirable plan, but a never ending ambition I'm afraid. Honestly I think I have kept up with most of our necessities. I'll probably realize what I should have done once I start working. I think learning to adjust will be my biggest challenge. I'm excited about the training though.

I'm eating my lunch early. I found mini bagels at the day-old bread store, and bananas and peanut butter. yum :)

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