Thursday, February 24, 2011

What has happened since...

So I wrote a really long blog about food, and got some great feedback (thanks Josh and Kelli!). I didn't actually start to implement many of these thoughts until a few days later. Here's the story of what happened:

Sunday morning I made baked oatmeal. I don't think this particular recipe had any flour in it, but it was still major carbs in the morning. Not a terrible problem, but still. Anyways, Alex had never had it before, and thought it was great! Then he had two + bowls of it and decided that he felt sick and really wanted to go back on the Primal/low carb plan. Since I had already put some thoughts about needing more veggies, we agreed to do something different. He still wants to do 75 carbs or less/per day for now, so that's what I'm meal planning for. I have pretty much replaced grains with veggies. We do still eat beans sometimes, but just in moderation. Also, we decided that dairy was a no-go, since it makes us not feel so great. It's not a "never have", but it is a "avoid almost always".

Tuesday I had more training and a terrible headache. We also had cut out sugar for the week (kind of a detox) so my body was kind of freaking out without the usual sugar-overload. By the end of the week, I felt WAY better and actually wanted to keep eating this way.

Satuday I made a noodle casserole to bring to a friend's house. I ate some of it. Also some sugary lemonade&tea and other "ish" foods for dinner. Not bad, but the next day I started feeling sick again.

So far this week we've been on track. I still add some dairy to things (like when I attempted chili) but for the most part I stick to our plan. "Plants, animals, and things you can gather (like nuts and seeds)" are the food for this plan. It definitely is taking some adjustment, but I really do love the way I feel.

From a Biblical perspective, I do think that this honors what God's plan is-eating foods in a mostly original form without a lot of processing.

What is working now is that I've learned A LOT more about portions, and about eating more veggies and a normal amount of meat. I still put the Splenda sweetened creamer in my coffee-even the book specific to this way of eating suggests aiming for 100% but reality will probably be 80%. I can definitely do 80%.

So that's an update on our food life. I keep meaning to take pictures of our food so that I can post it on my food blog, but keep forgetting.

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