Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 1.

Above is breakfast: home made sausage in the shape of hearts! It is my anniversary to my wonderful husband! We had seasoned scrambled eggs, and a couple of strawberries. I had to cut some parts off the strawberries. We also had black coffee and water.

Here are two pictures of lunch. It's the chili recipe (see yesterday for the link) served atop a bed of baby spinach. I had an apple for "dessert," and Alex and an apple and a banana.
Lastly, here is dinner. It is pork tenderloin and an apple cut in small pieces and marinated in limes and cinnamon. I baked it in the oven at 350 for a while (until I took it out and it looked done. I think it was 30 minutes). Those are canned green beans with added salt an pepper.
Reflection: Well, I forgot that the first couple of days after giving up sweets are miserable. Actually, I felt better after eating a banana, but not so great the rest of the day. Mostly craving sweets and feeling crabby. I did question whether it was worth it. I'm going to keep trying, and will document progress, but I miss my peanut butter, ranch dressing, and chocolate.
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