Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 2

This is breakfast. I'm trying to only take a picture of the food, and not our messy table. Same as yesterday, only the sausage is shaped in a regular circle. We've decided that they don't realy taste like sausage, just like mini hamburgers. Not bad, but not sausage. We're ready for a Whole Foods trip so that we can buy some bacon without nitrates!

Lunch was the chili from yesterday, and some canned green beans. The green beans are not pictured, because I ate them before I remembered to take a picture. I finished lunch by 10:45am, and at 11:20 decided I was still hungry. Since I live a few minutes from home, and get an hour designated for lunch, I went home and ate an apple.

This is one of my all-time favorite dinners! Burgers (I usually make them, but I bought them already-shaped because they were BOGO for a package of four), cooked sweet potato and brocoli. Everything had steak seasoning on it. Instead of ranch dressing, we had both digon and regular mustard. I had another apple.

I cooked dinner in a pan and on the George Foreman, but decided to bake the rest in the oven, so we could eat it for lunch tomorrow. Well, I think some of the hamburger grease overflowed into the oven, because the house was filled with smoke! I also burned the rest of the brocoli, so I had to throw it away. The sweet potatoes and burned on one side, but I tried them and they still taste good, so they are packed in lunch containers.

I told Alex I was craving junk food. He's such a good support, doing this with me. I mean, he gave up his ranch dressing! Also, we bought almond butter today (Which is EXPENSIVE at Kroger! I need a Trader Joe's close by!). Alex gave me the last piece of his apple, and told me I could eat it with some almond butter on it. What a delicacy :)

Gotta go buy more apples and bananas tomorrow.

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