Thursday, September 22, 2011

how to be a sugar junkie

How to of the day:

Bake brownies
Add chocolate chips and peanut butter before baking.
Eat them every night after dinner-at least two...maybe more if they start calling your name specifically.
Have only two people in the house.
Offer to share them.
But then eat them when the others aren't able to eat them too.
Eat them when feeling sad, frustrated, happy, busy, stressed, annoyed, excited, confused, sleepy, energetic, etc.
Especially when you feel disappointed by failed sourdough bread.
Avoid any small signs of being sick, such as sniffing, coughing, or a general queasy feeling.
Also forget how much better you felt when you didn't eat any grains and very little sugar....or at least forget about only having one piece at a time.
Oh, and it might help to decide to eat better tomorrow....or plan a new health idea for another day...but definitely justify the sugar binge by saying that you might as well enjoy it while it's there. Justification at it's....daily grind.

Today I accomplished this "how to" to perfection.

Oh, and tomorrow, I'm totally making up for it by eating a whole wheat pancake....C'mon....WHOLE WHEAT!

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