Sunday, September 4, 2011

Starting again is busy. REALLY BUSY! But sometimes it's fun to post about what's going on in my life. I enjoy posting pictures, ideas, and thoughts of the life of a young, Christian, married woman.

Alex is going to seminary. I'm so excited for him, and I told him I'm going to make use of his books. He's starting online classes in the middle of this month.

I really like living in a third story apartment. If I make no effort to exercise all day, I do have to put some effort into getting to my front door. Also, I have a dishwasher. We just organized our second bedroom, and it looks great!

Eating patterns....haha....well, we started about GREAT avoiding grains and sugar and legumes (except peanut butter....just don't want to give that up). But these past couple of days we've indulged in other things like pizza and ice cream/froyo. So whatev. Diets are good so that I'm not a grumpy wife/case manager/friend/person, but it's not worth stressing that much about.

We're volunteering with Celebrate Recovery on Friday nights. It's a good place to help out, and I love that Alex and I are helping together. He's a wonderful husband, and I thank God daily for him.

Just saying, about food, we eat yummy, healthy food every day when we avoid grains and sugar. Grilled chicken, pork chops, bacon, eggs, sausage, bunless burgers, meatballs, and lots of fruits and veggies. We end up eating a lot of canned, just because it's cheaper, but I'm happy to report that we are finally able to eat this way AND I'M UNDER BUDGET!!! WOHOO!

So update on the life of Calista. As I feel more creative, I may decide to start posting again.

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