Friday, April 26, 2013

Free Friday

Today Adara and I got out of the house for a while, and everything we did was free!
This is us excited to go to Spring Hill (well I'm excited):

First, we went to Kohl's. They sent us a $10 card towards anything. I bought a pair of pants and a shirt on clearance. Total was less than $10, so I got them for free!

Adara checking out my stylish pants, haha
(don't worry, I put the pants away after taking the picture)
Then we went to Sweet Cece's. I have their rewards card, and had a free one! Now, don't yell at me because of the Paleo diet. I got the sorbet, which is basically fruit and water (and some sugar) and I only got a tiny bit in the bottom of my cup. The rest is fruit and nuts and a small amount of chocolate chips. Yum. And free.

Adara checking out the food. She tried a little and liked it!

Next we went to the Starbucks inside Target. We walked from the Sweet Cece's to Target, since they basically share a parking lot. Adara enjoyed the walk. Alex gave me his Starbucks gift card; he wasn't using it. I got iced green tea with no sweetener. Refreshing, and I (personally) paid $0 for it.

Adara tried to bite the straw, but couldn't get any.
We had a lovely morning out and about. It was fun getting some treats, but not having to spend any money.

If anyone has any more ideas for free/cheap outings, keep me posted! We would love to get out of the house, and would blog about our adventure ;)

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