Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day (plus pick out the best photo)

What a wonderful day! We celebrated Mother's Day at home with some family. My parents and brother Donny came down for church at home and brunch. We made a frittata with shredded sweet potato, onions, mushrooms, and chorizo (and eggs, of course):

I also made some chocolate, chocolate chip muffins with coconut flour. We ate all of the first batch before I had a chance to take a picture. We enjoyed them so much, that I made another batch to eat with out breakfasts throughout the week. Here's a picture of those:

They were so yummy! Click here for the recipe. Their photo is also much better than mine. The recipe originally calls for honey, but left it out, and it isn't needed at all! I also put in more chocolate chips than what the recipe calls for.

We also fried up some plantanes and ate them with guacamole, but those were definitely eaten before I took a picture. 

Here are my favorite photos from today! My mom and my daughter! It truly is a blessing to be able to celebrate motherhood with my mom. I cherish our time together, and am looking forward to many more times as summer break is almost here!

I couldn't decide which one was my favorite, so y'all get to see all our attempts. Which one is the best one? I'll put numbers under them, and I'll put the best one up on facebook. Thanks :)
Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4