Monday, May 21, 2012

Fourteen Week Appointment

Fourteen week doctor appointment was fun, but not super-exciting. The best part was getting to hear the heartbeat again! It was 156.

I didn't actually meet with the doctor today, and I told Alex he didn't need to come with me today either. The nurse tried to measure me, but said that I was too small and not showing yet. She said that she should be able to measure me at my next appointment.

I had some questions, and the nurse helped me answer them.

How do you feel about family members being present during labor and delivery?

Should be fine. Talk to the nurses caring for me.

What are your thoughts on various birthing positions? Do you know how the hospital works with expectant moms who may not want to give birth in the traditional position?

The nurse actually laughed a little as I said that I didn't think the normal birthing position sounded comfortable. She said that the beds can recline up so that I am not lying on my back, and that the staff is open to the mom wanting to try other positions.
She also said to take classes, and to talk to the staff at the hospital.

How do you decide to use medical interventions like pitocin, and an episiotomy?

The nurse said that it is a very high percentage of first time moms who get an episiotomy, because there are often issues with stretching. She said that pelvic massage can help, and described what that is. She told me to do LOTS of kegels to helps with labor and avoid getting cut. Good motivation for me. As for being induced, she said that I am allowed to go to 41 weeks, as long as I have no problems. She said that most medical doctors in Maury County won't push induction unless they believe it is medically necessary.

Will I be required to have an IV, or can I chose to not have one?

is not required, but it is good to be prepared with the part (can't remember the name) inserted, even without the IV attached.

When I come up with a birth plan, should I review it with you before I go into labor? Should I review it with anyone else?
Share with my doctor and then with the nurses caring for me during the labor and delivery. I should have my birth plan done by the 35th week. Also, I should keep in mind that things can change, and the baby often determines the birth plan.

When will we schedule my next appointment? in four weeks (18 wks) or 6 weeks (20 wks)?

I will be scheduled at 18 weeks, and then the appointment after that will be my ultrasound appointment, where I will be 22 weeks along. The 18 week appt will include optional testing, and the nurse encouraged me to read about the testing in my "What to Expect When You're Expecting" book.
For my 22 week appointment I need to not schedule on a Monday, since my doctor is doing surgery on Monday. I also need to schedule 2 appointments: one with the doctor, and one for the ultrasound.

The nurse also encouraged me to drink lots of water and keep my heart rate low. She said everything looks great!

Please feel free to let me know what you think about these answers! Thoughts, resources, opinions, are welcome, as well as questions that I should ask at the next appointment!


  1. I have no resources to share, but just want to say that it makes me SO happy to be able to keep up to date on your progress!!! I am thrilled for you and Alex... thank you for keeping everyone posted. I think of you often!

    1. Thanks! Every comment is motivation for me to keep updating :)