Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Second Anniversary

Disney 2012
Two years ago today I married my wonderful husband, Alex Barberi. 

We celebrated early (in February) by going to Disney World for almost a week! We had a blast going to so many different attractions, and enjoying a variety of food. By going early, we were able to have lots of fun riding rides and not worrying about a baby on board. So thankful we did that! In six months we will be adding another to our family!

The past two years have been such a growing experience. I have learned much about growing in the Lord, and learning what it is to be a God-honoring wife. Alex has been such an encouragement to me, and has always told me to put God first. We tell each other that we are "second most important, because God is the most important." Alex is a wonderful husband, and my best friend. I look forward to the years ahead growing in our relationship with the Lord and with each other.

I'm so very excited about spending the rest of my life married to him!

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