Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Farmer in the Dell

I FINALLY went to the farmer's market. It was set up around the 'historic downtown Columbia,' which was the perfect setting on this Saturday morning. I loved it! I bought squash and some peppers from on elderly man, who threw in a few spicy peppers for free!
From another stand I bought apples and green beans.

As I was driving out, I saw a newly arrived truck with a sign: "Farm Fresh Eggs" and I just couldn't resist. However, my only bill left was a $20, so I went to buy meat, got the correct change and then returned to retrieve my 3 dozen eggs. Yes, we go through more than two dozen in one week. The man who sold the eggs seemed a little surprised that I wanted that many. They were $2/dozen, but compared to the grocery store brown eggs, that is a good price. Plus, I just like the taste of the farmed ones better.
The Harris's family FoodLand is my token meat store. Lacey told me that they package it themselves, and so they can sell it for a cheaper price. Plus, it just looks more like meat than some other stores. I buy a lot, and I always worry that it will go bad, but so far it's been OK.

Also, I have been keeping track of grocerys and here is this weeks total: $82.66!! We have budgeted about $100/week. I still need to buy coffee creamer, and that's a little expensive, but definitely still under budget. I also had a few other "big" purchases like toilet paper and laundry detergent. Not super costly, but also not something I need to buy every week.

This is my adventure.

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