Thursday, September 2, 2010

an interesting interview

So here's what happened:

I arrived at the YMCA with plenty of time. I found a small group of Senior Citizens to chat with while I waited for the interview.

Once I started the interview, I realized I was bit nervous. However, it seemed that my answers were well received, and none of it seemed very awkward.

Near the end of the interview, the woman suggested another faction of the YMCA that might suit my passions better than this particular position. She said "Not that this position wouldn't be good for you, but this place, called Fun Company, might fit you better because you get to connect with people even more. Plus the hours for this position are stuck at 20 hours, whereas the Fun Company, you could have 5 hours one week, and 30 hours the next."

I thought, "Well, I suppose it can't hurt to check it out"

From my understanding, it's a glorified day care at the schools, and after-school tutoring. I, however, would be a sub, and on an "on-call" only schedule. I went through with the interview, got the paperwork, and received instructions on when to return.

However, on my drive home, I realized that I didn't want to do any sort of sub position; I wanted consistent hours. That's why I applied to this particular position and not a sub position. I might apply for inconsistent hours as a last resort, but I already have the uncertain, but fun, work at camp.

I emailed the Fun Company and said that I wasn't interested. I emailed my original interviewer and asked that she still keep me in mind for the original position, and explained that I liked the consistent 20 hours.

So we'll see. It might have been that she was trying to find work for me while effectively eliminating me from the original position. She might have simply been trying to do my a favor and connect me with something I would enjoy.

I love having a consistent schedule. I don't really care if my happenings during work aren't exactly the same, but I like to know my hours. This makes planning much more efficient.

So for now I'm still working at camp as available, and praying and trusting God.

We're going to be more careful with our finances, as we spent more than we should have during the month of August. I really enjoy organizing and imputing information, so I'm putting all our receipts into an excel sheet Alex has organized.

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