Tuesday, September 28, 2010

returning to an occupation

Last summer I quit working at Hobby Lobby because I had a demanding senior year of college and I wanted to finish well. I never thought I would work there again, simply because I was going to graduate with a degree in Social Work.

Then I graduated, got married, and moved. I decided that I liked having time to plan, cook, spend time with my husband, and hang out with friends.

I also realized that I wanted to work outside the house. We have a bit of student debt to pay off, and my car needs to be replaced in the near future. I began to search for part time jobs around town. I had a few leads, but none came to fruition. I was to the point of working fast food, when some friends suggested I apply at Hobby Lobby. They knew someone who had recently had an interview, so they are hiring at this time.

I went to Hobby Lobby, grabbed the application and the sales paper (can't hurt to see what's on sale while I'm there), and returned home to fill out the application.

Upon completing my application, I drove back to Hobby Lobby to introduce myself to the manager and personally hand her my application. I then drove home.

I missed a call from the manager, returned the call, and she asked me to come in asap for an interview. I ate half my lunch and left immediately. I drove to Hobby Lobby for the third time today. I took a math test and talked basics. She said she could hire me seasonally for now, and that she might be able to keep me past January because of my past experience. I start tomorrow at 10am back in the crafts department.

Same store in a new city. I know that it will not be the same experience, because the staff not the same. The store manager has been at that store for EIGHT YEARS, which means they have a LOW turnover rate! YES! That was one of the most frustrating things about working for HL.

I am cooking tomorrow's lunch tonight so that we can just microwave it tomorrow. Pork loin marinated in Italian dressing and some frozen green beans all wrapped in aluminum and cooked for about an hour at 350.

I received a very touching text message from Alex saying he is going to miss me tomorrow. I love my husband, and I hope that this job doesn't keep us from seeing each other a lot.

Praise God for providing when and where I did not expect it.

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