Monday, January 10, 2011


Reading other blogs today has been both inspiring and discouraging. Some people are so creative! It started with looking at my friend Logan's blog, and she makes such creative cards, cupcakes, etc! She had links to other blogs, which I've started to peruse this morning. So many great ideas. I feel very "non-creative" at this moment, as I've hardly attempted anything of this sort. I think that I would enjoy doing these kinds of things, but I haven't put my mind to it. I have kept our house organized and food on the table, and I already feel accomplished just doing that and part time job. I'm not sure how people have full time jobs and still find time to do everything else. I hope to attempt this feat sometime soon....but I'll say more on that when I know things for sure.

So next time I go into work I may buy a hot glue gun, some modge podge, and some clearance scrapbook paper. Thanks to some friends, I have a few Christmas pictures, although I wish I had taken more! One step at a time, seeing as I STILL don't have our wedding pictures printed. Thanks to my mom, we do have a book, so I can print fewer pictures than I'd originally thought.

Still can't post pictures on this blog *sigh* so feeling more and more unmotivated to post....

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