Monday, January 24, 2011

taking off

Although I am still technically employed with Hobby Lobby, I have been taken off the schedule until business improves. My manager has assured me that it is nothing I have done; the snow is killing business right now, so she has to take people off. I'm not the first one, and she said I'm not the last either. I guess that's comforting. She does know that I have applied for another job, and she told me how to get employment verification if I need it. I have not yet heard back from the Mental Health Coop since finishing my paperwork, but I hope to hear soon!

This may turn into an easy transition-at least I hope that is the case. I was wondering (if everything with the new job works out) how to say that I cannot work at Hobby Lobby anymore. I just don't enjoy saying that I quit. This way I have no set schedule, so I can start a new job at any time. This is my prayer.

Alex has had the flu the past five days, but he is back at work today. He still feels weak, but he is much improved. After spending the majority of those days in the house, I am ready to get out! I'm going grocery shopping with my sweet sister-in-law this afternoon.

Also, we haven't had coffee while Alex was sick. It's just not fun making coffee for one. But today just feels like a coffee day. So I might run by the golden arches and get a cup for a buck. The chicken that I'm making for tonight (Sesame chicken! I would post a link if this dumb blog would let me) has to marinate, so I may make a short trip now and another "official" trip with the sis-in-law later. I'm excited to be more social again.

All for now!

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