Monday, January 17, 2011

food happenings

Since I can't seem to post pictures, I thought I'd just share what food I made recently in words on this blog:

Alex wanted salad, but only if we had croutons and bacon bits. They were on my list to buy, but then I realized that we have bread that is getting old, and the wrong brand of bacon that we don't like. So, I cooked up the bacon and crushed it into bits. I also turned my oven to 225. I tore the bread into lots of small pieces. added olive oil, a lot of Italian seasoning, and stirred it all together. I put the seasoned bread onto cookie sheets and baked for about 40 minutes. Yum! I let them sit for a bit, and they toasted wonderfully. Yay for perusing "how to make croutons" on various websites.

Also I whipped up some pancake batter for this morning. I like it better when the batter sits overnight. I also cut up the ham I bought for sandwich meat. Alex REALLY like the honey ham on his sandwiches. I portioned it so that he can have it for the next three weeks! I put enough for one week in a bag, and froze two of them. I put the meat into sandwich bags so that all I have to do is put the bag in his lunch :) Easy lunches this week! I've been eating my almond butter and jelly on sandwiches, or leftovers for lunch. Or Kashi cereal. I had to throw away part of an opened box because the ants found it :( but I still have plenty left :)

Anyways, I also put dinner in the crock pot because I used the ham bone and what meat was left on the bone. I added two different cans of beans and a small can of mushrooms. Since the ham already has seasoning, I didn't add any. I refrigerated it and started the cooking process this morning. What a yummy dinner! AND Alex loves it! I think it's a happy thing that we both enjoy eating beans, because they're cheap and yummy and easy.

I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow, and I will probably be frequenting Wally World again. I am an Aldi die hard, but some things like coffee and bacon just taste better when they are name brand. Also, we are still eating leftovers this week, so I don't have to buy a lot. So my Wal-Mart challenge is to stick to my list because it's so easy to say "oh yeah! I want/need/will use/might never need but I'm still buying this item.

I also used a "magic eraser" cleaning pad today for cleaning walls and floors at Hobby Lobby. I'm amazed that I've never used one before. Those things are incredible.

All for now!

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