Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Appointment, Mom Time, and a Surprise!


My mom brought me to my most boring doctor's appointment. Do you want testing? Nope.

Well, the heartbeat was exciting to hear again-it was 149 this time I think. I've gained a pound or so since my last appointment. My blood pressure is great. The doctor told me to drink lots of water and wear sunscreen, because baby hormones make me more prone to sunburn. She also said that when I take a long trip (like the one we're taking to see my grandparents in North Carolina come July) that I should stay hydrated and take walking breaks to avoid blood clots. We laughed about how drinking lots of water will make me take plenty of breaks. She said it is good to go ahead and start looking for a pediatrician, but had no specific suggestions.


I thought I was going to have to wait four more weeks for the ultrasound, but the doctor said that two weeks is just fine. I won't see her again for another four weeks for the actual appointment. We scheduled it for July 6th at 3pm.

I'm still so excited. We get to find out whether we are having a boy or a girl in just two weeks!!!!!!!

I also took an 18 week picture:
Yay for maternity shorts!

Mom and I decided to be crafty. She bought cloth diapers and special laundry detergent, and brought scraps of cloth.  I helped cut and iron; she pinned and sewed.

We did a happy dance when we finished our super cute burp cloths!! Being productive and creative is so much fun!

Good appointment, great surprise about the ultrasound, and fun times crafting with mom :) Definitely a fantastic day!

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