Monday, June 18, 2012

Daily Creativity Update

I've been convicted about how I spend my time, and felt the need to include some creativity daily.

I made a new paper frame! I had made one as an experiment for a Mother's Day present, and put the experiment on Alex's desk. It had been folded too many times and kept falling apart. So I made a new one for him, so he can keep it on his desk.

I baked bread and chocolate chip pan cookies. I fed the sourdough start either Saturday or Sunday-I don't actually remember. If I'm going to keep it alive I should probably keep up with when I last fed it.


Sunday was Father's day. I had made Father's Day cards for Alex, my dad, and his dad sometime earlier in the week. Alex preached on Sunday about having a passion for Jesus and sharing Him with our friends. I was convicted. I count my creativity to be spending a wonderful amount of  time with both my family and his.


Mondays are always cleaning the house days. I've learned that I should never plan social events on a Monday, because it stresses me out and I think I don't have time to clean our apartment. I now have plenty of time. I made cornmeal pancakes to go with our slow-cooker BBQ ribs and green beans. I tried to make creative a squiggle and a heart...and my "x" turned into a then I just started making circle-ish shapes. They taste yummy!

I'm going to the doctor tomorrow, AND my mom is coming over! I'll have an appointment update, and possibly another creativity post with mom.

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