Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Making Room

Week 17 update: not much new. I still eat a lot of food, try to exercise consistently, and love to sleep.

This week Anna at AnnaMadeIt filmed Alex for a youth group video.

The link is to her photography facebook page, and Alex is helping her set up her website. Unfortunately, GoDaddy was not functioning when she was over, so they could not work on her site. Hopefully we can get it up and running soon. This girl has skills with her camera!

In this picture, we moved everything out of the dining area, because the lighting and walls were better. We made a mess moving everything around! I told Alex to keep some things moved, so that I could vacuum some places that hadn't been vacuumed in months!

Cleaning up this week is also helping me get rid of some unneeded stuff in our apartment. Having a small space helps me to re-evaluate what we really need. My young sister-in-law Emma asked me today if we have an attic-we don't. I replied "We have an extra room to put some stuff in for a while." To which my mother-in-law replied, "Not for much longer!"

She's right, and the more I think about needing the space for baby stuff, the more I want to get rid of more and more stuff. When I actually start the process, I have to fight nostalgia, and decide whether it is really worth keeping.

Alex and I decided that if we ever move, we're only going to keep the stuff we really need, so that we don't have to keep moving stuff that we never use. Maybe I should start going through stuff with such a mentality. Here's to cleaning and organizing the rest of today!


  1. Aaron and I have moved every summer until this one. I find it so helpful to clean out and organize everything once a year, so this summer I started cleaning "as if I were moving"... going through closets and getting rid of everything we haven't used in the last year. My theory is, if I didn't need it in a year, then I don't need it at all. It's hard to do, especially with unopened boxes of books, but a bunch of the other stuff we've never needed in the past year is going to Goodwill this week. Even if you're not moving, it is just SO refreshing! :)

    1. That does sound refreshing! And that's a great idea about not needing it in the last year....the only thing I think I couldn't get rid of like that is books....but I should be able to get rid of anything else unused!