Friday, June 15, 2012


It's easy to keep routine. I get into a rut of dishes, laundry, cleaning, facebooking, pinteresting, sometimes reading books, and "Words with Friend"-ing. Sometimes the daily grind seems pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of life.

I read my Bible in the morning, and today I read on our balcony. Reading outside is refreshing, and brings a new perspective to my prayer life. I have the freedom to pray out loud and see God's creation around me-even if most of it is hidden by the surrounding apartment buildings. God is not only a loving, perfect, powerful  God. He is also amazingly creative. I feel as if I've lost some of the creativity when falling into the everyday. I want to be creative with my current family of two, and soon to be family of three. 

Therefore, I'm going to try to do at least one creative, out of the ordinary thing every day. Today is coffee cake.

 I was ravenous this morning (I've already eaten the equivalent of two breakfasts) and my loving husband asked if we could make some coffee cake as well. I immediately agreed.


I don't think I've ever made coffee cake before. Here is the recipe. It's very easy!


  1. Oh, I love that idea! Will you be posting your creative thing on your blog or Facebook at all? I'd love to follow along :) I could probably afford to do something like this myself. Maybe I will..

    P.S. That coffee cake looks yummy!

    1. Thanks! I was planning on updating every few days or so...every day would be super overwhelming! I'll post a link on facebook like I do with my other posts

      The coffee cake was really good-Alex and I ate all of it in a matter of days!