Thursday, June 7, 2012

A new baby!!

Yesterday I had a wonderful time with friends and family. I got to see my mom and grandma, and then we all went over to see Bethany and her new baby Connor! Caiden and Mrs. Linda were also there, and Caiden showed me around the house. He was super cute showing me around. He showed me his room, the kitches, "my candy bar" in the kitchen, and the bonus room. 

Connor slept the entire time I was there! I guess I forget how much babies sleep. He got a little fussy, and then Bethany swaddled him and he calmed down right away! We were talking pretty loudly, and he still slept soundly.

Bethany showed me  her closet for Connor-it's already full of baby wipes and diapers! She said that she started stocking up when she and Shadrick found out they were expecting. She said she picked up a pack as she went grocery shopping-what a great idea! She also showed me a super-cute dress she wore home from the hospital. Definitely going to be looking for a cute "going home" dress.

So great holding a baby a week old! I'm so excited about continuing to prepare for our own little one!

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