Wednesday, July 18, 2012

22 week appointment

So far, everything is going great! So many exciting things going on. God has blessed us so much!

My doctor's appointment was short and sweet:

I was weighed in at 138lbs. I don't actually remember what my starting weight was, but the doctor commented on me "finally putting on some weight" and how I am where I am supposed to be now. The doctor asked about my appetite-which I said has been huge, and said I'm fine as long as I'm eating healthy foods.

Blood pressure good, other vitals good, baby heartbeat at 158 (I think. It was one fifty-something). I'm measuring right at 22 weeks. I'm feeling the baby move, so that's also a good sign. I'm having no swelling, bleeding, or other concerns. The doctor again encouraged me to drink lots of water and wear sunscreen.

They sent me home with an orange drink and some instructions about drinking it for the next appointment. I'm going to be tested for gestational diabetes. I'm going to be eating very healthy-as I should have been all along-to help keep my body from becoming diabetic. Alex also has a bio-metric screening coming up for work, so we're being healthy together. I already cut up all my veggies in the fridge so that I have easy-access to a healthy snack.


As I was falling asleep, I could feel Adara moving around inside me a lot, so I put my hand on my tummy to see if I could feel her. I could, but just for a moment! I felt something like a  kick against my hand, and then I couldn't feel her anymore. I kept trying to see if it would happen again so I could show Alex, but nothing yet. Plenty of movement, just not anything I can feel from the outside.

It's amazing the love I'm feeling for our child. I was excited before, but now the fact that we are going to have a little girl is starting to feel even more real!

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