Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Goals: my grades

First time making goals and evaluating myself. My grades are totally subjective to my own self-evaluation.

1. Start Registering.
Grade: A+
I believe I have registered for the essentials (and then some). I spend hours reviewing lists, reviews, advisories, etc. I also had to factor in how cute things are! We are now registered at Walmart, Target, and Amazon. Just search my name and/or Alex's name, and you can find our registry! It's super fun to look at all the pinks and purples and other girly things.

2. Make a healthy meal plan:
Grade: A-
"Healthy" is such a relative term. Alex and I have successfully (so far) cut out sugar in high amounts-like cookies, cake, ice cream, etc. We still eat chips and some other foods that are 'junk' foods, but we have already noticed a significant (positive) different in how we feel. We've also mostly cut out dairy: every now and then we'll have some cheese on a sandwich or a slice of pizza, but it isn't an everyday thing.I have noticed our recovery time from being sick has improved since we have cut out sugar. I feel good about our current plan. Here's what a typical day looks like:
Breakfast: Eggs, bacon (usually nitrate-free), and toast. I've recently started making my own cinnamon raisin toast, and it is  now my favorite bread to have with breakfast! We also start the morning with coffee. I put coconut milk in mine, and Alex puts honey and rice milk in his.
Lunch: Sandwiches and chips and fruit, or leftovers from dinner.
Snack: fruit and/or veggies and peanut butter. Recently I've also indulged in a healthy cereal. I feel super-full after eating it!
Dinner: Varies-typical meals consist of a protein, a carb, and a vegetable or two. Dessert is often some kind of fruit. We recently found a super delicious watermelon at the farmer's market that is super sweet!

3. Exercise 5 times per week.
Grade: C
I started out exercising 4 days a week pretty consistently. Then we went on a trip, Alex came back with mono, and I had some sort of cold a few days later. I thought I had mono, but my blood test came back negative. We took it easy and didn't do much in the form of exercise for about a week and a half. Definitely with good reason-I didn't want to push myself and delay recovery time. I am now feeling almost 100%, and am happy to have started walking at the park with in-laws again.

4. Road Trip:
Grade A
We did successfully travel 10 hours to our destination, and 8 hours back (we were in a hurry to get back) with no noticeable dehydration or swollen ankles! We took a number of breaks and I drank LOTS of water! We ate a lot of fast food, so that wasn't the best of decisions, but I did get plenty of protein, and enjoyed some sweet potato fries at Burger King :). It was really good to see family that I hadn't seen in a really long time. It was also kind of sad to see my grandparents-my grandpa didn't really know who I was when I came up and said hi. It was nice to give my grandma a big hug. We celebrated their 60 years of marriage together. We also got this awesome picture of our family:

5. Update Birth Plan:
Grade: A+
I went back and made the birth plan gender-specific, and put Adara Grace Barberi on the top of the page, so now it is her own personal birth plan. I am attending a comprehensive class in August, and plan to take a lot of notes and make any changes to my plan as needed. My mom is attending the class with me! The current plan is to have Alex and both mom's present when I'm delivering. My mom's there for me, and Alex's mom is there as reassurance that the baby part of the birth plan will be carried out-especially the no vaccine part. I've heard this isn't an issue at Maury Regional, but after giving birth I don't want to have to think about enforcing our preferences for our child. If any of you want to see a copy of my birth plan, you can see it here. Feel free to let me know if wording should be changed, or any other suggestions. I'm not one to get upset about advice. If I don't like it, I still won't be upset that you gave it to me.

Overall Grade: Still and A. I'm pretty happy with the progress we've made this month.

This post is part of a link up with my friend Kelli's Blog at She Learns as She Goes.
Stay tuned for August goals coming up later in the week!

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