Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mid-month goals update

It's nearing the middle of the month, so I'm going to evaluate how I'm progressing with my goals:

1. Start registering for a boy or girl: We found out that we are having a girl!! As for registering, I have set up an account with Target and, but have not put anything on them yet. I'll need to get on that soon. I found theis super cute purple Minnie Mouse themed set! (photos from here).

So if I don't end up getting these, that's OK-there are SO many cute car seats, high chairs, strollers, pack 'n' plays, etc. So many options, I don't know how I'll every decide! I may have to call on the aid of my wonderful husband to help me narrow down my options.

2. Make a healthy meal plan: For the past couple of days, we've actually been doing well! I'm probably more excited than I should be for only two days, but the beginning of this month was TERRIBLE! We had so much junk food in the house, and we were eating it every day throughout the day! I have finally found good lettuce at Aldi! I actually want to eat salads now! haha, so that's been my lunch sometimes.

 We've also stopped eating so much sugar, and tried to eat at home often. Cutting out mostly  processed stuff helps a TON.  I also found a yummy, decently healthy muffin recipe. The whole website where I got the recipe is "real food" oriented, and I'm scouring this site and other similar ones for ideas.


3. Exercise Five times per week: Hmmmm.....Well I haven't been a total slacker, but I haven't accomplished five days-usually three or four days a week. I have walked with my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law twice this week at the Maury County Park, and I have gotten on my elliptical while watching cake boss. Today it is I'm GOING to get on the elliptical again! At least I get to watch people making cake while I'm exercising...

4. Road Trip: Haven't gone yet. Will update when this happens.

5. Update Birth Plan: I haven't actually looked at my birth plan this month. My doctor's appointment is next Tuesday, so I'll probably blog about the appointment, and check on my birth plan then.

So far so good! If any of y'all are trying to keep goals, let me know how you are doing!

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