Monday, July 23, 2012

Sick and Pregnant: What to do? (plus a photo update)

I have been very blessed up to this point to avoid anything even resembling sickness. Since Alex has started working at the hospital, he's been sent home more than once for various ailments, and I've caught it from him maybe one other time. Therefore, when he was sent home with mono on Monday of last week, I didn't think twice. Mono is contagious even before the symptoms show up. So there was really nothing I could do.

Thursday I woke up with a sore throat, which continued to get worse until sometime Saturday afternoon. Then I got the sniffles which have continued through today. I've checked my temperature twice, and haven't had a fever. Exactly the same symptoms Alex had all through last week. Thankfully, he's now feeling much better, and has been super-helpful taking care of me.

I finally called the doctor this morning, left a message, and the nurse practitioner returned my call this afternoon.I explained my symptoms, that I knew to rest and drink water, and asked if I should be doing anything else. She said they typically don't do anything else except sometimes follow up with an ultrasound just to make sure the baby is okay.She emphasized to stay hydrated, but that there isn't much else to do. The nurse practitioner said that my doctor is out this week, but that she will check with one of the other doctors to see if  another ultrasound is recommended. If so, they will try to schedule it around my next appointment later in August. She said she will call me again in a few days.

The nurse just called back and said that I do have to get blood work done. Something about needing labs for the pediatrician and another something about an overlap between mono and 36 weeks. I didn't totally understand what she said, just that I'm going in first thing tomorrow morning.

So the only thing that changes is that I won't be exercising until I start feeling better. I may still do some stretching, but I'm not going to worry about walking until I start feeling better. Avoiding sugar was already part of my routine, and I was already drinking lots of water. According to some online sites (and yes, I did check to make sure there was some credibility), mono doesn't pose a threat to the baby unless I have a really high fever, which I don't.

As for the baby, she doesn't seem phased as far as I can tell: still plenty of movement at regular intervals.

Also, here's a 23 week photo update:

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