Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 5: Trusting God's timing

So we decided that we are not going to schedule an induction. We didn't have God's peace about inducing. We've been trusting God with this whole pregnancy, and we are going to trust Him with the delivery. He knows the perfect time for Adara to come.

I'm still going to be stretching, exercising, and yoga ball-ing. I'm still going to talk her her daily and tell her how incredibly excited we are for her to come.

Last night I think we tried almost everything under "natural induction" other than things like castor oil and herbs. Rolling over during the night=cramps and feeling uncomfortable, but no contractions yet. That okay-God has a reason for everything. At some point we decided that the best time for her to come would be sometime Friday or Saturday. It would give both Alex and my mom the perfect window for time off, since Thanksgiving is next week. We'll see if that is what God has on His timetable too!

My next doctor's appointment is on Tuesday, November 20th-the day after her due date. I hope and pray that she comes by/before then, so that we don't need to revisit induction. Please pray with us!


  1. Everything's going great though. And since the Lord is taking care of us, everything is going to be OK :D

    1. So true, and always good to be reminded! Thanks awesome husband!

  2. Saturday would be great! The 17th makes for a good birthday! :)