Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hearing the heartbeat.

I walked into the doctor's office at 1:42pm and signed in. I pulled out my "Countdown" pregnancy book, and prepared to read for the next 18 minutes until I was called back for my 2pm appointment. I had my list of questions ready, and prayers said throughout the day. I was nervous, and meeting my doctor for the first time.

Maybe three minutes later I was called back. Alex knew my appointment wasn't until 2pm, and was going to leave work at 2pm to drive the few minutes to my appointment. I told the nurse that I hadn't expected them to take me back this quickly, and she said something about being "on top of things" or something like that. She weighed me (no weight gain yet), took my blood pressure (something like 92/60) and took me to another room.

Of course when I tried to text Alex to tell him that I was already back in a room my phone decided to freeze. After a panicked moment my phone unfroze and I sent him a text message. The nurse said that we could wait to hear the heartbeat until he arrived. Moments later, he did.

It was amazing. The nurse said it was easy to pick up the heartbeat, and announced that it was 172. I was so relieved! I was worried that we would not be able to hear it, as it can sometimes be difficult to hear at 10 weeks. After the nurse left, Alex said something about there being "another soul." How incredible!

The doctor came in and I am pleased to say that she was easy to talk to and I like her. She answered my questions well:
1)No, I should not have the protein powder because of the artificial sweetener (saccarin and sucralose) in it.
2) I should continue to take the Prometrium for the next 2 or 2/12 weeks. She said I can stop three weekends from now. Calendar Marked.
3) For a natural birth, I should look into taking a class, consider a doula (she said she would ask the nurse midwife about that), and have a plan before going into the delivery room.

The rest of my check up went well. I didn't have to have a PAP smear (YAY! Won't need one until after the baby is born!), and the doctor said everything else looks great! I'm due back in four weeks: May 21 at 3pm. Now it is written down here, on a piece of paper, on my Google calendar, and on a business card from the doctors' office. No way I'm forgetting. Also, that's the day before Alex's and my second anniversary!

Good  day. Praise the Lord!

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