Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Countdown to Thanksgiving: day 10-sleep

It's fitting that I fell asleep last night and forgot to post about being thankful for sleep. Alex is strongly encouraging me to make sleep a priority in an attempt to abate these reoccurring Braxton Hicks. I've also been careful to avoid foods that seem to bring on leg cramps (maybe because when I don't eat those foods, I eat foods with more nutrients), to improve sleep quality.

I went to bed early Sunday night AND took a nap Monday afternoon while Adara napped. I think I'm going to make afternoon naps a habit while I can! I had no bh yesterday, and my sleep has significantly improved the past couple nights. I'm so thankful for the extra zzzzz's, and I'm hoping I can stock up on  sleep for when our new baby gets here!

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