Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Countdown to Thanksgiving: day 19-Unexpected nourishment

Two things today that I'm especially thankful for, but didn't expect:
Garden of Life Raw Prenatal Vitamins: Even thought I've not been super careful about how I eat, my nightly leg cramps have been virtually non-existent! I'm generally feeling better, and I really think these vitamins are a contributing factor. I'm also thankful that they are available on Amazon for half the price of Whole Foods! Thanks to everyone who recommended them to me! 

I am glad I made the trip to Whole Foods for the vitamins, because that's where I discovered this delicious milk:

We've been buying whole milk for Adara (she loves it and it was an easy way to wean her), and we put it in our coffee. I'm sure it's this good because it's local, fresh, and is super-creamy. I used to consider myself very lactose-intolerant, but this milk doesn't make me feel sick! A friend of mine then told me it's available at the Puckett's Downtown, so now it's convenient for me to buy! We were buying Horizon Organic milk at Kroger, but it isn't as tasty. Now if I feel hungry in between meals and don't feel like fixing anything, a small glass of Hatcher's Whole Milk will do the trick.

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