Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving eve: Moving up and out

Well, nesting has started for sure! I've wanted to move the changing table out of Adara's room so we can use it in our room for our newborn (Adara isn't potty trained yet, but she's easy to change without a table). I finally cleaned up and organized her room and took out a set of plastic drawers and the changing table. Her room looks so much bigger!

We have a really big master bedroom, so finding a place to put the changing table was no problem. I also am using some of Adara's drawers for baby boy stuff. Adara doesn't need it right now, and I don't have to buy new drawers. I'm sure our infant won't care that his boy clothes are in pink drawers.

I also adjusted Adara's carseat. Thanks to my infant CPR and carseat safety class, I now know that a forward facing carseat needs straps at or above the toddler's shoulders. Doing so meant taking out the booster's insert-another reminder of how fast Adara is growing! ps-I adjusted the headrest back after taking this photo. Adara's quote: "I'm SO safe!" She will be now that I know her carseat is fit for her.

I'm so thankful I was able to get some baby-related tasks accomplished! I can now focus on other things-like making sure I'm prepared for Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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