Sunday, November 16, 2014

Countdown to thanksgiving: day 16- the generosity of others

My baby turned two today, so that alone made today exciting! However, I was especially touched by how God works through people's generosity. 
Adara got to open MORE birthday presents today!
Then, when I was just thinking about how Adara and I could use some new clothes, my mom brings us bags and bags from some family friends!
God blesses us even when I forget to pray! I feel so trendy with all these super cute clothes, and Adara has more cute clothes that will fit her!
I also went to a baby shower for our baby boy. Again, people showered us with gifts and I really enjoyed the time spent with everyone.
God used His people's generosity today to remind me to trust Him and not worry! I'm so very thankful for days like today.

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