Thursday, July 1, 2010


It's amazing what a blow dryer and a little mascara can do for my self esteem. I showered and breakfasted like normal, but I felt like I could hardly move. I hadn't actually put on makeup or fixed my hair for a few days, and I think I was feeling drab.

I then just decided to put on makeup, and blow dry my hair. Since I've been letting it grow out, I have been less motivated to spend the extra time. However, I felt put together and pretty. I also felt more awake and ready to conquer the day.

Although we have nothing specifically planned for today, I thought I would attempt chicken enchiladas again. It isn't super hard, but it does require some extra time. Brownies or cookies seem an appropriate addition to this meal, although I will have to practice self control. I don't want to blow up like a balloon just because I know I will be loved and accepted no matter what. That is not taking care of the temple God has given me.

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