Saturday, July 17, 2010

everything happens at once

I know it's a cliche saying, but it's so true. The following things have happened over the past couple of days:
We got a puppy.

We came home with the puppy and I decided to make cornbread.

The oven was not working.

I decided to try our new toaster oven.
I didn't put the rack in, thus putting the glass container directly on the heaters. When I took it out, it exploded all over the kitchen.

Alex proved (yet again) to be a wonderful husband. He assured me of my ability to be a cook and be a good wife, and cleaned up the glass on the floor.

The remaining glass that was trying to hold the now burnt cornbread was still hot, so we left it overnight to cool before throwing it out.

Shortly after the cornbread met the trashcan, we discovered a plethora of ants in the kitchen.

This morning, our puppy discarded the worms from his body onto our living room floor. Wonderful husband to the rescue once again. Worms are gross.

That's the end of the seemingly fiasco happenings, although I did have a pretty ridiculously dirty house to clean this morning. That's a mixture of my lack of cleaning throughout the week, and a new puppy shedding and potty training.

But she's just so cute.

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