Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm trying to decide whether to get another cup of coffee. My mom sent me a wonderful recipe for her hot chocolate, so I may wait and make a mocha. I'm so excited-even though the mix has dried milk, it's the best hot chocolate I have ever had. I tried the packets, and they have a filmy taste. My mom's is just the best :)

Mom and Donny didn't get to come down Tuesday, so that was a bummer. I always look forward to seeing them.

We've had pancakes almost every morning this week with our eggs and bacon. I just wanted to make something yummy to make our breakfast more interesting. Sometimes it can get a little boring with just eggs and bacon every day. I'm trying to decide what I'll make next. Maybe just a different kind of pancake. Pumpkin pancakes sound yummy! Or maybe banana pancakes. I made mini banana muffins yesterday. They were tasty and fun to eat.

Jeremiah came over last night for dinner. He and Alex played zombies for a while. Shelby had to work, but we're hoping to all get together sometime soon.

I tried to make black bean burgers last night, and they turned out to be more like black bean sloppy joe's. I just mixed black beans with lean ground beef and spices, but I guess I should have drained the black beans more than I did. They were tasty, just kinda messy. Red potatoes and green pepper were a yummy fry substitute.

I worked the past three days. I AM going to make it through the Christmas season. I like being busy there because the time goes by fast. Sometimes not fast enough....

But TODAY I have the whole day off! So I can finally CLEAN the house and get things back in order! It's 7 am, and I'd like to have most of it done by noon....just so that I can do other things in the afternoon before Alex gets home...if I feel like it...

I like having time to get things done. I also love that I have a husband who likes to fix up the house. Our bathroom is looking great! I think we're going to work on it some more this afternoon, and maybe finish it!

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