Tuesday, August 28, 2012

100 Days of Pregnancy: Day 83-Signing up for free stuff

Today I walked in the park with the in-laws (always something I look forward to!). It was definitely a summer day, and we were feeling the heat!

When I came home I signed Alex up for a bunch of restaurants that give free stuff on birthdays. I'd already done it, and have gotten a postcard for a free meal at Zaxby's-it isn't my birthday, just a promo. Here's the link I used-I didn't sign up for everything, just the ones in the area that we like.

I also spent time online organizing various personal and church ideas. I really like organizing plans.

I already have a birth plan, but as I do more research, I'm going to be assigning very specific tasks to the people I've asked to be available when our wonderful baby comes. I hope to avoid any confusion or overlap-definitely don't want to worry about conflict when all I want to do is focus on birthing a baby. I will feel much more comfortable knowing that everyone has a role and knows what they are doing.

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