Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 90: Gestational diabetes test

I decided that putting my "Glucola" drink in a cup with ice would make it look and taste more appealing. It really wasn't that bad. I drank it and noted the time, and went to my doctor's appointment.

Once there, I received a clipboard to give to the lab when they drew my blood, and was told to watch the time, as I needed to have my blood drawn an hour after I finished the drink.

Weight: 139-one more pound than my last appointment. When I met with the doctor she noted that I "was putting on weight" and asked about my appetite, which is good. Good=hungry a lot.
Blood pressure: um, it was something over 70, and the nurse said it was great.
Baby heartbeat: 148
The nurse practitioner came in and measured me, and said I'm measuring right on track.
I got my blood drawn before meeting with the doctor. Not so much fun. I'm glad that part is over.
When the doctor came in she ran through a list of symptoms to be concerned about, I said I wasn't experiencing any of them. She said to call the office or go to the emergency room if I started having some of said symptoms.
I showed her a copy of my birth plan. She read over the whole thing, and asked if I had someone who was going to be with me while in labor-and I said that my mom is also going to be like my doula while there, and she said that's good. She also mentioned waiting while in labor before coming to the hospital. The last thing she said was that she could do everything on the plan, but she is not sure about the pediatrician coming to the room. That was a relief! I wasn't sure if she would questions some of what I put on the birth plan, but she didn't seem to have an issue with any of it! Only that I be prepared, which is a legitimate doctor concern.

Next appointment in three weeks! The doctor said that after that appointment, I will have appointments every two weeks, and we will schedule the rest of the appointments the next time I come in!

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