Friday, December 3, 2010

chores and prayers

Sweeping and mopping floors aren't my favorite chores, but I love the results! Today I'm using the swiffer to keep up the shiny floors. Also laundry. Always laundry.

I'm beginning to get excited. Super duper excited. I found a tech school (thanks, mom) fairly close by that has a cosmetology program for about a third of the price of most school. That's what was keeping me from going-the cost of most cosmetology schools is more than we can afford right now. I've loved the idea of going for some time now, but needed to finish college first. This one is "do-able" and I'm getting more info today!

So, I'm praying, and I'd appreciate prayer from others. Definitely something I feel is OK with me and God, but I don't want my own selfish ambitions to get in the way of doing His will.

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