Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Yesterday I decided to put on makeup and fix my hair before going into work. I had been going with my hair pulled back in a messy bun/ponytail, no makeup, and glasses. My manager had me on a register, so I wouldn't be running all over the store as much. I also thought that it was time for a good impression for some of the customers.

I can't remember how many times I got complements on my hair and/or makeup. I guess there was a pretty drastic difference. Now I'm not worried about self-esteem issues with myself, but it did make me realize that maybe I should look nicer when I leave the house. Making a good impression is a benefit in this world, no matter who I'm talking to.

Being a Christian is becoming more like Christ and sharing His good new with everyone. Now, I don't think Christ was worried about His hair being perfect, but he did care about people. I know that I don't have to "have it all together" but as a Christ follower I also don't want to look like I'm falling apart just because I didn't feel like getting ready for work today.

So those are my thoughts on the issue. I should have time to get ready since I'm not working as many days-and I could have time to get ready even if I worked every day.

I want my appearance, my attitude, my conversations, and everything about my life to reflect my Savior.

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