Sunday, December 5, 2010

small groups

Today was Pastor Sid's last day. Today was our first day in a small group.

The title of the group was "20's and 30's" so Alex and I decided to check it out. Plus, Pastor Dave recommended it, saying that it is just starting up.

We both sat down. The man leading the group introduced himself and his wife. I'd say they were both in their 50's or sixties. Another couple about that same age walked in and asked if the "old couple" could still join the group. The man said "of course!" so the wife sat down and her husband promised to return after singing in the choir for the second service.

That was the group today. The group leader said that he wants the group to be for all ages, stating that the older groups have wisdom to offer for the younger. He spoke on 1 Corinthians 4 and the church and showed genuine interest in each group member. I had sort of a hard time concentrating, but I could tell that he was passionate about God's word.

Alex said that he love it and wanted to go back. I am thrilled he feels so sure. He said that he could tell Satan didn't want him to go to the small group, and that may be why I had a hard time concentrating. This made him all the more determined to go. I can tell we are going to learn a lot. Alex said he does feel comfortable in that group, so we are definitely going back next week.

He also said something else on our way to church this morning. We do not go to church for ourselves, to get something out of it. We go to church because God tells us to, and we grow as a result. Sometimes he amazes me, and I'm so proud to be the wife of such a godly, growing man.

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