Friday, December 31, 2010

Until Next Year

I'm posting my final blog of 2010. I thought I would do it this morning, since I may not have time after work. I didn't do a lot of in-depth resolutions, but I did start thinking about time and food in my previous blogs. I'm trying to decide whether to start a new blog for 2011 with a specific purpose, or stick with this one. I think instead of doing "one new recipe ever day" blog, I'm going to do "one new recipe every week" blog. That's not to say that I won't try more than one new recipe a week, but sometimes we have leftover days, and I just don't feel like trying a new one. Plus, I don't want to be so overwhelmed with the task of blogging and picturing and creating every day that I burn out after the first month. Once a week sounds doable. Sometime next week I will start this blog primarily for cooking, and I'll keep this one for other happenings. I think that will be a good way to do things. I can still have multiple blogs under the same username, so this shouldn't be too difficult.

Some thoughts:

I love being married. It's awesome. I find myself constantly learning to serve, and seeing myself as more selfish that I thought before saying "I do." It's character building, and growing me in more areas than I'd imagined.

Resolution: Keep Alex my priority, and don't forget it. No matter where I work, or what I do, he is more important.

Although I have been a Christian for some time now, I still have so much to learn.

Resolution: keep reminders to be in prayer. read the same passages as Alex so that we can learn together.

My body is a temple, and my mission in life is to become Christlike

Resolution: Eat healthy and exercise so that I can serve wherever He calls me. Serve with excellence in all circumstances.

Some of these start today. Last day of the year, and I'm ordering at Hobby Lobby. Normally, ordering would be short, since it's post Christmas and we are already overstocked on a lot of items. However, we are also doing "counts" were we count the items to see if we are overstock and then keep a count of all the items overstocked in our department. So almost all of yesterday and today for counts. This takes some time since there are so many items, and this is with me taking an educated guess on some items, like stacks of felt. All this to say that even counting for Hobby Lobby can be an opportunity to work with excellence and reflect Christ.

Take a deep breath. Ultimately, I am counting for Christ and His Kingdom.

Until Next Year!

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